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Bad Brads BBQ – New Baltimore, MI

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Well tonight I visited Bad Brads of New Baltimore. I’ve heard great things and wanted to give it a try. So I drove out to New Baltimore. Given that I do my our BBQing I know a thing or two.

One of my joys is try new places and see what they consider as good food. I truly enjoy speaking with Pit-masters at the places I visit.

On tonights visit I wanted to try as many different things as possible on one visit. So, I opted for the two meat combo and added a quarter rack of ribs.

Presentation and portion sizes were impressive. This might be good.


For the sides I asked what were the top sellers. I was informed that the “Pit Beans” and “Collard Greens” we’re the ones. This was followed by the “Sweet Potato Mash”. I chose the Pit Beans and the BBQ Chili.

As for the meats I went with the BBQ standards of Sliced Brisket and Pulled Pork.



These were very nice and tender. Next was the ribs.


So what is the verdict? Let’s start with the ribs. A good rib should have an evident texture, flavor, and consistency. With good BBQ Ribs the rub must enhance the flavor of the meat. The ribs were a perfect temperature, the meat fell off the bone nicely, and there was an evident smoke ring. However this smoke ring was thin. This did affect the flavor. There wasn’t much smoke taste to the meat.

Next lets discuss the rub. The rub was evenly applied to the ribs. As I stated earlier, the rub must enhance the meat. I found that the rub had little flavor and did not enhance the taste. The ribs needed a sauce to have any significant flavor. Overall the ribs were good, but I would not call the memorable.

Next lets discuss the brisket. This cut of meat is one that can be very flavorful when prepared correctly. With this choice, just as with the ribs, the meat was cooked to perfection. Very nice and tender but also lacking a significant smoke flavor. Here too I found that bark formed from the rub was even and tender. The smoke ring was more obvious than the ribs but again overall the brisket needed sauce.

That takes me to the pulled pork. This is one of my particular specialties. The portion was very generous. The meat was nice and tender and clearly cocked for several hours. I did find a few outer parts to taste. Here I was looking for rub flavoring, smoke taste and the telltale pink of infused smoke. All of these elements were missing again requiring sauces. This too was not the expectation based upon what I have heard.

That brings me to the sides. I’ll start with the chili.


The presentation was excellent. As you can see cheddar cheese, green onions and guacamole over the chili. The flavors blended very nicely. I found the heat if the chili just right but I fear it might be a little much for my wife. I also noted no beans of any type and very limited meat in it.

Next was the Pit Beans. This was my favorite part of the meal.


Again a nice presentation. Lots of meat, a variety of beans and finally that deep smoke flavor I had been searching for. These beans had it.  There was plentiful meat however, rather than burnt pork ends this chili was made with rib tips.  How can I be sure, well I found bits of the rib cartilage in the larger pieces of meat.  This was a detraction for me.

All in all it was a decent meal and I did go in with high expectations. Needless to say my expectations were not met and I was not “Wowed” like I was hoping to be.  To be honest, I will give them one more try in the future.


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